Oscar Torre is a Miami born actor best known for his breakout role in the CBS TV series "Cane," where he played the role of Santo alongside an all-star cast that included Jimmy Smits, Rita Moreno, Nestor Carbonell, and Hector Elizondo. He also garnered rave reviews for his comedic performance in the Lionsgate film, "Ladron Que Roba a Ladron" ("To Rob A Thief.") The film, directed by Joe Menendez, had at the time the highest grossing opening weekend ever for a Spanish speaking film. Torre also worked with Menendez in the film "Hunting of Man," which also starred Douglas Spain ("Band of Brothers.") 

Before "Ladron," Oscar received critical acclaim starring as a Cuban political prisoner in the film "Libertad," directed by Norton Rodriguez. Torre worked with director Kurt Kuenne ("Dear Zachary") in the film festival favorites "Rent a Person" and "Phone Book" with T.J. Thyne ("Bones.") Oscar had a supporting role in the HBO Film "Larceny," with Andy Dick, Tyra Banks and Roselyn Sanchez. His first major on-screen role was in Artisan Entertainment’s "Suicide Blonde," directed by Eduardo Carrillo. Shortly thereafter, Oscar starred as Antonio D'Amico (Gianni Versace's longtime companion) in the film "The Versace Murder" with Franco Nero and Steven Bauer ("Scarface.")


Oscar recently guest starred on FOX TV's hit series "Dollhouse," written and directed by Joss Whedon, and in CBS' top-rated shows "NCIS" and "Cold Case." His most recent film credit, "Magic City Memoirs" with Natalie Martinez ("Death Race,") Julio Mechoso ("The Legend of Zorro") and directed by Aaron Salgado, brought him back to his Miami roots. In 2010, you can catch Oscar in the independent thriller "Legacy," directed by Stephen Savage, starring as a sheriff deputy on the hunt for a serial killer, and in the sci-fi film "GB2525," directed by Jojo Henrickson (writer of "Ladron Que Roba A Ladron.") Oscar is consistently sought out by top directors to fill challenging roles on innovative projects. His body of work has certainly proven to audiences that he is a talent not to be missed.




He recently married longtime girlfriend, actress Chuti Tiu. The couple make their home in Los Angeles, CA.